Hardy Funeral Home - "We Care, When Caring Counts"
Hardy Funeral Home offers an endless array of options for those families who choose a cremation service for the final disposition of their loved ones. When a family chooses a cremation service, it does not mean the family can not have a traditional funeral at their church or at our chapel to celebrate the life of their loved one. When choosing a cremation service, keep in mind the many options afforded, including......
  • A full church or chapel service with visitation and the use of our rental casket
  • Visitation with memorial service and the use of our rental casket for visitation
  • Visitation only with the use of our rental casket
  • Visitation with photos, memorabilia and/or the urn present
  • Memorial service at your church or at our chapel
  • Graveside memorial service
Call one of our experienced funeral directors today to discuss a cremation service that best fits the needs of your family and loved one.