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Planning a funeral? 
Planning a funeral can be one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to do. Often times the burden of making decisions that compliment the life of a loved are contended with making decisions that please an entire family. At Hardy Funeral Home, we use our arrangement conference as a way to mediate those difficult decisions. It is always our intention to render a service that is more memorable, less stressful, but yet affordable. By allowing us to mediate allows for your family to agree to disagree while reserving the dignity of the life that is being celebrated. In addition, we offer funeral packages that are designed to fit any budget, regardless of whether or not insurance is involved. Our cash services are usually priced without the family having a balance or payment plan. It is important that our services are priced to help bring closure to a family who has experienced a loss.
In addition, we welcome suggestions from each individual family to help us customize and personalize our services. Along with planning a funeral, settling an estate after the committal service can prove to be a burden and sometimes fracture a family. In an effort to assist the families we are privaledged to serve even after the service, we have a link to one of central Arkansas' better attorney's to aid you and your family settle the estate of a loved one, an insurance policy, bank account, or land. For more information about settling an estate or other services, please click the link below.
If you have questions about making funeral or cremation arrangements or you're unsure about what exactly is required for the services you may desire. Please give our caring staff a call or fill out the form below to correspond with us as we try to help you during a difficult time.  
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